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The Book Dumpling newsletter redesign
The Book Dumpling newsletter redesign
Email Marketing

The Book Dumpling

The Client

Andrea Borod at The Book Dumpling has a superpower: turning non-readers into avid and engaged bookworms.  Pairing the right book with the right reader is her passion.

The Challenge

The Book Dumpling sends out weekly newsletters to their bookworm subscribers. The difficulty was that the newsletter template was not only unappealing, it was difficult to manage on the backend. The weekly task, which was supposed to be enjoyable, turned into a frustrating and arduous assignment.


The Strategy

1- Brand Identity

Working with already established brand elements and colors already in use on their website, we designed a new layout for the newsletter.  With more white space and a better visual hierarchy, the new design is easier to read and better reflects the brand.

2- Backend Management

We structured an easy-to-use email marketing template that the client could use each week.  Extra sections were designed for featured authors and guest picks that can be dragged and dropped into the layout as needed.


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