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Natree packaging design for samples
Natree business card design
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The Client

Natree was a solid surface material composed exclusively of recycled materials engineered specifically for the furniture, interiors and building industry. It was a sustainable alternative to plywood. Solid surfaces were created from newsprint, paper, shredded currency and even textiles.

The Challenge

Design a logo and corporate brand, business cards and packaging for samples. Considering the nature of the brand, it was important that we choose environmentally conscious materials to support the brand slogan to "be part of the solution".


The Strategy

1- Corporate brand Elements

The Natree logo is a simple but elegant font-based design with a minimalist feel. The extended top of the "t" acts as a canopy over the text. Working off of the geometrically symmetrical font, an oval pattern was designed for texture. A pop of turquoise offsets the more monochromatic colors of the logo.

2- Business cards

The business cards were designed using a recycled matte paper. The paper contained flecks of color and texturing paralleling the quality and finish of their product.

3- Packaging design

An efficient, environmentally friendly package was needed to ship samples of the product to prospective clients.  A colorful recycled corrigated paper box was designed.

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