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Website Design & Development

Espace Montmorency

Year:  2017 & 2019

Client:  Groupe Montoni

Talent:  Web Graphic Designer - Web Developer

Based on printed collateral provided by the client, Visual Strategy was tasked with creating a website to promote and sell an ambitious real estate development project.  It was critical to build a website that could easily accommodate the evolution of the project from on-plan to its final construction phases.

Responsive Design

With a user-focused approach, the Espace Montmorency website is designed to be fully responsive across all screen sizes: desktop, tablet, and mobile phones. The result is a seamless experience with a single backend structure.

Clarifying Complexity

The Espace Montmorency is a multifunctional development comprising of office space, commercial space, residential units, a hotel, and underground parking.  We deployed dynamic visuals to communicate and clarify the complexity of the layout of the building.

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